About Timbelt

Timbelt B.V. was founded in 1978 and is a company that makes quality leather products for years. The entire order process from development to delivery, is done in-house. Through years of experience and a large network of customers and suppliers. Timbelt continuosly creates very fashionable new products against attractive prices.

Timbelt B.V. makes trendy-, casual and basic belts for women, men and children. We provide a comprehensive, high quality and very affordable collection. Almost all products offered by us are handmade and made in our own factory in Dongen.

Strong belts of own brand

The collection of belts from our own brand Take-it is sturdy and fashionable for both women and men alike. This collection focuses on quality, fashion and detail. One can also choose between different materials and color shades. The collection of our own brand Timbelt consists of basic and fashionable belts for women, men and kids. This collection is made of materials that are very popular at the moment. We don’t only judge the materials by color, but also by looks.

More and more kids want a belt that is sturdy and fashionable. We produce a collection for kids that appeals to these aspects.

Through our extensive experience in the leather industry we can take care of your demands with efficiency and effectiveness. Contact us to discuss how we can help you. Timbelt B.V. is unique because you as retailer can visit our showroom and you can buy directly from our stock. This way you are not restricted by delivery times.


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